language-c-0.4.5: Analysis and generation of C code

Safe HaskellNone



Compile time input abstraction for the parser, relying on ByteString. The String interface only supports Latin-1 since alex-3, as alex now requires byte based access to the input stream.



takeByte :: InputStream -> (Word8, InputStream)Source

(b,is') = takeByte is reads and removes the first byte b from the InputStream is

takeChar :: InputStream -> (Char, InputStream)Source

(c,is') = takeChar is reads and removes the first character c from the InputStream is

inputStreamEmpty :: InputStream -> BoolSource

return True if the given input stream is empty

takeChars :: Int -> InputStream -> [Char]Source

str = takeChars n is returns the first n characters of the given input stream, without removing them

countLines :: InputStream -> IntSource

countLines returns the number of text lines in the given InputStream