lapack-0.2.2: Numerical Linear Algebra using LAPACK

Safe HaskellNone




data Permutation sh Source


(Show sh, C sh) => Show (Permutation sh) 
C sh => Format (Permutation sh) 

fromPivots :: C sh => Inversion -> sh -> Vector ZeroInt CInt -> Permutation shSource

The pivot array must be at most as long as Shape.size sh.

toMatrix :: (C sh, Floating a) => Permutation sh -> Square sh aSource

determinant :: C sh => Permutation sh -> SignSource

numberFromSign :: Floating a => Sign -> aSource

multiply :: (C sh, Eq sh) => Permutation sh -> Permutation sh -> Permutation shSource

apply :: (C vert, C horiz, C height, Eq height, C width, Floating a) => Bool -> Permutation height -> Full vert horiz height width a -> Full vert horiz height width aSource