latex-formulae-hakyll- Use actual LaTeX to render formulae inside Hakyll pages

Safe HaskellNone



This module provides a basic framework to render LaTeX formulae inside Pandoc documents for Hakyll pages.

See the latex-formulae page on GitHub for more information.



initFormulaCompilerDataURI :: CacheSize -> EnvironmentOptions -> IO (PandocFormulaOptions -> Pandoc -> Compiler Pandoc) Source #

Creates a formula compiler with caching. Can be used as in the following minimal example:

   main = do
      renderFormulae <- initFormulaCompilerDataURI 1000 defaultEnv
      hakyll $
        match "posts/*.markdown" $ do
          route $ setExtension "html"
          compile $ pandocCompilerWithTransformM (renderFormulae defaultPandocFormulaOptions)

type CacheSize = Integer Source #

Number of formula images to keep in memory during a watch session.

compileFormulaeDataURI :: EnvironmentOptions -> PandocFormulaOptions -> Pandoc -> Compiler Pandoc Source #

A formula compiler that does not use caching, which works in a more drop-in fashion, as in:

compile $ pandocCompilerWithTransformM (compileFormulaeDataURI defaultEnv defaultPandocFormulaOptions)