llvm-extra-0.8.1: Utility functions for the llvm interface

Safe HaskellNone




class for tuples of undefined values

class Undefined a whereSource


undefTuple :: aSource


Undefined () 
IsFirstClass a => Undefined (Value a) 
IsFirstClass a => Undefined (ConstValue a) 
Undefined a => Undefined (T a) 
Undefined a => Undefined (T a) 
C a => Undefined (T a) 
(Undefined a, Undefined b) => Undefined (a, b) 
(Undefined a, Undefined b) => Undefined (T a b) 
Undefined a => Undefined (Constant n a) 
(Positive n, C a) => Undefined (T n a) 
(Undefined a, Undefined b, Undefined c) => Undefined (a, b, c) 

class for tuples of zero values

class Zero a whereSource


zeroTuple :: aSource


Zero () 
IsFirstClass a => Zero (Value a) 
IsFirstClass a => Zero (ConstValue a) 
Zero a => Zero (T a) 
C a => Zero (T a) 
(Zero a, Zero b) => Zero (a, b) 
(Positive n, C a) => Zero (T n a) 
(Flags flags, Zero a, Tuple a) => Zero (Context flags a) 
(Zero a, Zero b, Zero c) => Zero (a, b, c) 

class for creating tuples of constant values

default methods for LLVM classes