llvm-hs-5.1.0: General purpose LLVM bindings

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A PassManager holds collection of passes, to be run on Modules. Build one with withPassManager:



data PassManager Source #

http://llvm.org/doxygen/classllvm_1_1PassManager.html Note: a PassManager does substantive behind-the-scenes work, arranging for the results of various analyses to be available as needed by transform passes, shared as possible.

data PassSetSpec Source #

There are different ways to get a PassManager. This type embodies them.



a PassSetSpec is a lower-level, detailed specification of a set of passes. It allows fine-grained control of what passes are to be run when, and the specification of passes not available through CuratedPassSetSpec.


This type is a high-level specification of a set of passes. It uses the same collection of passes chosen by the LLVM team in the command line tool opt. The fields of this spec are much like typical compiler command-line flags - e.g. -O<n>, etc.

withPassManager :: PassSetSpec -> (PassManager -> IO a) -> IO a Source #

bracket the creation of a PassManager

runPassManager :: PassManager -> Module -> IO Bool Source #

run the passes in a PassManager on a Module, modifying the Module.