llvm-hs-5.1.0: General purpose LLVM bindings

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functionality necessary when running LLVM in multiple threads at the same time.



setMultithreaded :: Bool -> IO () Source #

Deprecated: LLVM no longer features runtime control of multithreading support

This function used set the multithreading mode of LLVM, but that feature no longer exists. Threading is controlled only at runtime with the configure flag --enable-threads (default is YES). This function will now check that the the compiled-in multithreading support (returned by isMultithreaded) is sufficient to support the requested access, and fail if not, so as to prevent uncontrolled use of a version of LLVM compiled to be capable only of singled threaded use by haskell code requesting multithreading support.

isMultithreaded :: IO Bool Source #

Check if multithreading is enabled in LLVM