logging-facade-syslog-1: A logging back-end to syslog(3) for the logging-facade library

Safe HaskellNone



A simple System.Logging.Facade back-end for syslog(3) as specified in POSIX.1-2008.



syslogSink :: LogSink Source #

Pass this value to setLogSink to switch logging to syslog. Messages of all priorities will be logged in the processes' default syslog facility --- typically User. If these default settings don't fit your needs, consider using syslogSink or call withSyslog or a similar funtion to configure the system's syslog implementation appropriately.

  syslogSink = syslogSink' showWithLocation Nothing

syslogSink' :: (Maybe Location -> String -> String) -> Maybe Facility -> LogSink Source #

A variant of syslogSink that allows you to control how the location information provided by logger-facade is baked into the log message and which syslog Facility will be used. If no explicit facility is set, messages go out with whatever the process default is --- typically User.

showWithLocation :: Maybe Location -> String -> String Source #

The default message formatter used by syslogSink. It will append the location of the message to the string such that running

  info "Hello, world."


  May 15 10:59:41 myhost ghc[28074]: Hello, world. (from package "interactive", module "Ghci2", file "<interactive>", line 32, and column 1