ltk- Leksah tool kit



Module for making editors out of descriptions



buildEditor :: FieldDescription alpha -> alpha -> IO (Widget, Injector alpha, alpha -> Extractor alpha, Notifier)Source

data FieldDescription alpha Source

A type to describe a field of a record, which can be edited | alpha is the type of the individual field of the record


FD Parameters (alpha -> IO (Widget, Injector alpha, alpha -> Extractor alpha, Notifier)) 
VFD Parameters [FieldDescription alpha] 
HFD Parameters [FieldDescription alpha] 
NFD [(String, FieldDescription alpha)] 

mkField :: Eq beta => MkFieldDescription alpha betaSource

Function to construct a field description

extractAndValidate :: alpha -> [alpha -> Extractor alpha] -> [String] -> IO (Maybe alpha)Source

Convenience method to validate and extract fields

extract :: alpha -> [alpha -> Extractor alpha] -> IO (Maybe alpha)Source

mkEditor :: (Container -> Injector alpha) -> Extractor alpha -> Editor alphaSource

Function to construct an editor

getRealWidget :: Widget -> IO (Maybe Widget)Source

get through outerAlignment, frame, innerAlignment

type MkFieldDescription alpha beta = Parameters -> Getter alpha beta -> Setter alpha beta -> Editor beta -> FieldDescription alphaSource

A constructor type for a field desciption