Changelog for mcpi-

Version =============== Updated pipes upper bound (thanks to Gabriel Gonzalez). Version =============== Renamed the change log from to CHANGELOG so that Hackage will display it. Minor HLint changes (no change in behavior or API). Version =============== Updated to use pipes version 4; there is no change in the library API (pipes is only used by the hmcpi executable). Version =============== An initial attempt at handling invalid commands has been added by flushing the connection buffer each time a command or query is sent. Queries now raise an `IOError` if they return the message `Fail` (it could also be due to the previous command failing if the buffer flush mentioned above did not catch the error). Added the debugmcpi example. This is now built, along with hmcpi, by setting the build-debug configure option (which is turned off by default). Version =============== The examples - apart from `hmcpi` - now accept the `--debug` command-line option which causes the messages sent to, and received from, MineCraft to be printed to the standard-error channel. The format of these messages has been changed slightly. Version =============== Minor document improvements. Added examples/XJump.hs, which is the example used in the documentation for Network.MineCraft.Pi.Client. Version =============== Initial version.