microformats2-types-0.1.0: Microformats 2 types for Haskell.

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Microformats 2 types for Haskell.


  1. Pretty much all properties in MF2 are optional -- this is why we use Maybe when lists don't make sense.
  2. We don't duplicate sub-properties in parent types. E.g. h-adr has both p-geo and p-latitude, p-longitude, p-altitude. Adr only has an Embedded Geo.
  3. Lazy Text is used for storing texts, because it's the format used in Scotty, Hastache and other popular web libraries.



type Link a = TextSource

An alias for lazy Text as a phantom type for storing the type of linked data.

data Embedded a Source

A type that represents all the ways Microformats objects can be embedded inside one another.


Here a 
Somewhere (Link a) 


Typeable1 Embedded 
Eq a => Eq (Embedded a) 
Data a => Data (Embedded a) 
Show a => Show (Embedded a) 
ToJSON a0 => ToJSON (Embedded a0) 
FromJSON a0 => FromJSON (Embedded a0) 

hereFromMaybe :: Maybe a -> Embedded aSource

Converts a Maybe thing to an Embedded wrapping the same thing.

somewhereFromMaybe :: Maybe (Link a) -> Embedded aSource

Converts a Maybe Link to an Embedded referencing the same URL.

defaultGeo :: GeoSource

An empty Geo.

defaultAdr :: AdrSource

An empty Adr.

defaultCard :: CardSource

An empty Card.

defaultCite :: CiteSource

An empty Cite.

type LocationReference = Either (Embedded Card) (Embedded Adr)Source

A location reference. Left means a Card is used, which is often used for checkins. Right means an Adr is used. If you only have a Geo, wrap it in an Adr.

type EntryReference = Either (Embedded Cite) (Link Entry)Source

An Entry reference.

defaultEntry :: EntrySource

An empty Entry.