mmsyn3- A small library to deal with executable endings
Copyright(c) OleksandrZhabenko 2019-2020
Safe HaskellNone



A small library to deal with executable endings. Uses a Maybe data representation inside an IO monad.



endOfExecutable :: String -> IO (Maybe String) Source #

Can be used instead of os to check whether the executable ends in ".exe". The function returns IO Nothing if there is neither ys nor (ys ++ ".exe") names for executables in the variable PATH.

showE :: String -> Maybe String Source #

Gets the proper name of the executable in the system (it must be seen in the directories in the PATH variable). You can use showE "nameOfExecutable" to get Just "nameOfExecutable"@ if it is present on the system. Further you can adopt it to be used inside the callCommand as the name of the executable

findSysExes :: [String] -> Maybe String Source #

Being given a list of names of executables (without an ".exe" suffix) looks up for them in the specified list order till the first existing occurrence. If there is no such occurrence (the specified executables are not installed in the directories mentioned in the variable PATH) then the function returns Nothing.