monad-logger-syslog- syslog output for monad-logger

Safe HaskellNone




runSyslogLoggingT :: LoggingT m a -> m a Source #

Runs a LoggingT, sending its output to the syslog. The logs are formatted the same as runStdoutLoggingT, but the LogLevel is converted to a syslog priority value (but still included in the log message).

defaultSyslogOutput :: Loc -> LogSource -> LogLevel -> LogStr -> IO () Source #

This invokes formattedSyslogOutput with defaultLogStr. This means that the resulting log messages are the same as the default format used by Control.Monad.Logger.

formattedSyslogOutput :: (Loc -> LogSource -> LogLevel -> LogStr -> LogStr) -> Loc -> LogSource -> LogLevel -> LogStr -> IO () Source #

Given a Control.Monad.Logger log formatter, this writes the log to the syslog,