moss- Haskell client for Moss

Safe HaskellNone




data MossCfg Source #

Represents the configuration for a Moss connection.

defaultMossCfg :: MossCfg Source #

defaultMossCfg is the default configuration for a Moss connection.

data Language Source #

Enumerates programming languages supported by Moss.

type Moss = StateT MossSt IO Source #

liftIO :: MonadIO m => IO a -> m a #

Lift a computation from the IO monad.

withMoss :: MossCfg -> Moss a -> IO a Source #

withMoss cfg m runs a computation m using a Moss connection whose configuration is reprsented by cfg.

addBaseFile :: String -> FilePath -> Moss () Source #

addBaseFile file adds file as part of the skeleton code.

addFile :: String -> FilePath -> Moss () Source #

addFile name file adds file as a submission to Moss with name.

addFilesForStudent :: [(String, FilePath)] -> Moss () Source #

addFilesForStudent filesWithNames uploads multiple files for the same student. I.e. in the Moss submission they will share the same ID.

query :: ByteString -> Moss (Maybe ByteString) Source #

query comment runs the plagiarism check on all submitted files