mysql-simple-typed- Typed extension to mysql simple

Safe HaskellNone




genUncurry :: RunDB q => q -> Int -> Q Exp

data RunDB q => TypedQuery q :: * -> *




fromTypedQuery :: q
namesTypedQuery :: [Text]
typesTypedQuery :: [TypeAction]
typesTypedInput :: [TypeAction]
typesTypedInputSource :: [TypeAction]


(Eq q, RunDB q) => Eq (TypedQuery q) 
(Ord q, RunDB q) => Ord (TypedQuery q) 
(RunDB q, IsString q, Monoid q) => Read (TypedQuery q) 
(Show q, RunDB q) => Show (TypedQuery q) 
(RunDB q, IsString q, Monoid q) => IsString (TypedQuery q) 
(RunDB q, Monoid q) => Monoid (TypedQuery q) 
(RunDB q, Lift q) => Lift (TypedQuery q) 

data Query :: *

A query string. This type is intended to make it difficult to construct a SQL query by concatenating string fragments, as that is an extremely common way to accidentally introduce SQL injection vulnerabilities into an application.

This type is an instance of IsString, so the easiest way to construct a query is to enable the OverloadedStrings language extension and then simply write the query in double quotes.

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}

import Database.MySQL.Simple

q :: Query
q = "select ?"

The underlying type is a ByteString, and literal Haskell strings that contain Unicode characters will be correctly transformed to UTF-8.