nero-0.3.1: Lens-based HTTP toolkit

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This module is mainly intended for internal use. Nero.Request and Nero.Payload should provide everything you need for dealing with HTTP parameters.


HTTP Parameters

class Param a where Source

A Traversal' of the values of a given HTTP parameter.


Param MultiMap Source 
Param Payload Source 
Param Url Source 
Param Request Source

It traverses the values with the same key both in the query string and the form encoded body of a POST Request.


data MultiMap Source

A Map with multiple values. Also known as a MultiDict in other web frameworks.


Eq MultiMap Source 
Show MultiMap Source 
Monoid MultiMap Source

The default monoid implementation of Data.Map is left biased, this implementation mappends the values.

Ixed MultiMap Source 
At MultiMap Source 
Wrapped MultiMap Source 
Renderable MultiMap Source

Encode a MultiMap with the typical query string format.

Param MultiMap Source 
type Index MultiMap = Text Source 
type IxValue MultiMap = [Text] Source 
type Unwrapped MultiMap = Map Text [Text] Source 

fromList :: [(Text, [Text])] -> MultiMap Source

Like fromList from Data.Map but mappending the values.

null :: MultiMap -> Bool Source

Is the map empty?