Changelog for nsis-0.3.3

Changelog for NSIS 0.3.3, released 2019-05-15 Add Welcome page 0.3.2, released 2017-11-24 Support Semigroup class 0.3.1, released 2017-02-21 #11, add unsafeInject and unsafeInjectGlobal #10, add unicode function 0.3, released 2015-06-24 Make strCheck take a message Add a plugin for helping with radio button Make constant force an evaluation Make section return the section id Generalise the type of nsis Add a radio button example 0.2.5, released 2015-03-17 Support OName on file 0.2.4, released 2014-12-09 #3, clone the EnvVarUpdate plugin Add abort Add strCheck function Add strIsSuffixOf Fix strIsPrefixOf Add writeRegExpandStr Expose some window functions findWindow, getDlgItem, sendMessage Add WinMessages plugin/header Remove upper bounds #2, add setDetailsPrint Add support for parameters to the finish page 0.2.3, released 2013-11-04 Add explicit page events #1, add a Win7 taskbar progress plugin module Collapse duplicate events into one Hook up Show/Pre/Leave functions for pages Add sleep Add a wrapper round the Base64 plugin Add support for plugins Switch to cabal test support, requires Cabal-1.10 Add sectionGet and sectionSet Add all the binary operations as instances of Bit Add event and onSelChange Add execWait and execShell Add envVar Add copyFiles function 0.2.2, released 2013-04-16 Change writeFileLines' to not build up a large buffer 0.2.1, released 2013-03-17 #592, make the License page take a license file 0.2, released 2013-01-14 Add Applicative instance for Action Add str, int and bool functions 0.1.2, released 2012-03-25 Allow transformers- 0.1.1, released 2012-03-04 Improved documentation Remove findOnce, you can use fileExists instead 0.1, released 2012-03-04 Start of changelog