numeric-prelude-0.1: An experimental alternative hierarchy of numeric type classesSource codeContentsIndex
An alternative type class for Ord which allows an ordering for dictionaries like Data.Map and Data.Set independently from the ordering with respect to a magnitude.
class Eq a => C a where
compare :: a -> a -> Ordering
ordCompare :: Ord a => a -> a -> Ordering
liftCompare :: C b => (a -> b) -> a -> a -> Ordering
data ToOrd a
toOrd :: a -> ToOrd a
fromOrd :: ToOrd a -> a
class Eq a => C a whereSource
Definition of an alternative ordering of objects independent from a notion of magnitude. For an application see MathObj.PartialFraction.
compare :: a -> a -> OrderingSource
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C Integer
C a => C ([] a)
(Ord a, C a) => C (T a)
(C a, C a) => C (T a)
C a => C (T a)
(C a, C b) => C ((,) a b)
ordCompare :: Ord a => a -> a -> OrderingSource
If the type has already an Ord instance it is certainly the most easiest to define compare to be equal to Ord's compare.
liftCompare :: C b => (a -> b) -> a -> a -> OrderingSource
Lift compare implementation from a wrapped object.
data ToOrd a Source
Wrap an indexable object such that it can be used in Data.Map and Data.Set.
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Eq a => Eq (ToOrd a)
C a => Ord (ToOrd a)
Show a => Show (ToOrd a)
toOrd :: a -> ToOrd aSource
fromOrd :: ToOrd a -> aSource
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