numeric-prelude-0.1: An experimental alternative hierarchy of numeric type classesSource codeContentsIndex
Portabilityrequires multi-parameter type classes
The generic case of a k-algebra generated by a monoid.
newtype T a b Source
Cons (Map a b)
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Functor (T a)
Ord a => C (T a)
(Eq a, Eq b) => Eq (T a b)
(Show a, Show b) => Show (T a b)
(Ord a, C b) => C (T a b)
(Ord a, C a, C b) => C (T a b)
zipWith :: Ord a => (b -> b -> b) -> T a b -> T a b -> T a bSource
mulMonomial :: (C a, C b) => (a, b) -> (a, b) -> (a, b)Source
monomial :: a -> b -> T a bSource
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