numeric-prelude-0.1: An experimental alternative hierarchy of numeric type classesSource codeContentsIndex
PortabilityRoutines and abstractions for permutations of Integers.
  • ** Seems to be a candidate for Algebra directory. Algebra.PermutationGroup ?
class C p where
domain :: Ix i => p i -> (i, i)
apply :: Ix i => p i -> i -> i
inverse :: Ix i => p i -> p i
class C p whereSource
There are quite a few way we could represent elements of permutation groups: the images in a row, a list of the cycles, et.c. All of these differ highly in how complex various operations end up being.
domain :: Ix i => p i -> (i, i)Source
apply :: Ix i => p i -> i -> iSource
inverse :: Ix i => p i -> p iSource
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