numeric-prelude- An experimental alternative hierarchy of numeric type classes

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




newtype T v a Source

A reader monad for the special purpose of defining instances of certain operations on tuples and records. It does not add any new functionality to the common Reader monad, but it restricts the functions to the required ones and exports them from one module. That is you do not have to import both Control.Monad.Trans.Reader and Control.Applicative. The type also tells the user, for what the Reader monad is used. We can more easily replace or extend the implementation when needed.




run :: v -> a


Functor (T v) 
Applicative (T v) 

with :: a -> T v aSource

element :: (v -> a) -> T v aSource

run2 :: T (x, y) a -> x -> y -> aSource

run3 :: T (x, y, z) a -> x -> y -> z -> aSource

run4 :: T (x, y, z, w) a -> x -> y -> z -> w -> aSource

run5 :: T (x, y, z, u, w) a -> x -> y -> z -> u -> w -> aSource