packdeps- Check your cabal packages for lagging dependencies.

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered




Data types

type Newest = Map String PackInfoSource

The newest version of every package.

data CheckDepsRes Source

Whether or not a package can accept all of the newest versions of its dependencies. If not, it returns a list of packages which are not accepted, and a timestamp of the most recently updated package.


data DescInfo Source

Information on a single package.

Read package database

Check a package

Get a single package

getPackage :: String -> Newest -> Maybe DescInfoSource

Loads up the newest version of a package from the Newest list, if available.

parsePackage :: ByteString -> Maybe DescInfoSource

Parse information on a package from the contents of a cabal file.

loadPackage :: FilePath -> IO (Maybe DescInfo)Source

Load a single package from a cabal file.

Get multiple packages

filterPackages :: String -> Newest -> [DescInfo]Source

Find all of the packages matching a given search string.

deepDeps :: Newest -> [DescInfo] -> [DescInfo]Source

Find all packages depended upon by the given list of packages.

Reverse dependencies