pandoc- Conversion between markup formats

MaintainerJohn MacFarlane <>
Safe HaskellNone



Exports functions for syntax highlighting.



languages :: [String]

List of supported languages.

languagesByExtension :: String -> [String]

Returns a list of languages appropriate for the given file extension.



:: (FormatOptions -> [SourceLine] -> a)


-> Attr

Attributes of the CodeBlock

-> String

Raw contents of the CodeBlock

-> Maybe a

Maybe the formatted result

formatLaTeXInline :: FormatOptions -> [SourceLine] -> String

Formats tokens as LaTeX using custom commands inside | characters. Assumes that | is defined as a short verbatim command by the macros produced by styleToLaTeX. A KeywordTok is rendered using \KeywordTok{..}, and so on.

formatLaTeXBlock :: FormatOptions -> [SourceLine] -> String

Format tokens as a LaTeX Highlighting environment inside a Shaded environment. Highlighting and Shaded are defined by the macros produced by styleToLaTeX. Highlighting is a verbatim environment using fancyvrb; \, {, and } have their normal meanings inside this environment, so that formatting commands work. Shaded is either nothing (if the style's background color is default) or a snugshade environment from framed, providing a background color for the whole code block, even if it spans multiple pages.

styleToLaTeX :: Style -> String

Converts a Style to a set of LaTeX macro definitions, which should be placed in the document's preamble. Note: default LaTeX setup doesn't allow boldface typewriter font. To make boldface work in styles, you need to use a different typewriter font. This will work for computer modern:


Or, with xelatex:

 \setmainfont[SmallCapsFont={* Caps}]{Latin Modern Roman}
 \setsansfont{Latin Modern Sans}
 \setmonofont[SmallCapsFont={Latin Modern Mono Caps}]{Latin Modern Mono Light}

formatHtmlInline :: FormatOptions -> [SourceLine] -> Html

Format tokens using HTML spans inside code tags. For example, A KeywordTok is rendered as a span with class kw. Short class names correspond to TokenTypes as follows: KeywordTok = kw, DataTypeTok = dt, DecValTok = dv, BaseNTok = bn, FloatTok = fl, CharTok = ch, StringTok = st, CommontTok = co, OtherTok = ot, AlertTok = al, FunctionTok = fu, RegionMarkerTok = re, ErrorTok = er. A NormalTok is not marked up at all.

formatHtmlBlock :: FormatOptions -> [SourceLine] -> Html

Format tokens as an HTML pre block. If line numbering is selected, this is put into a table row with line numbers in the left cell.

styleToCss :: Style -> String

Returns CSS for styling highlighted code according to the given style.

pygments :: Style

Style based on pygments's default colors.

espresso :: Style

Style based on ultraviolet's espresso_libre.css (dark background).

zenburn :: Style

Style based on the popular zenburn vim color scheme

tango :: Style

Style based on pygments's tango colors.

kate :: Style

Style based on kate's default colors.

monochrome :: Style

Style with no colors.

haddock :: Style

Style based on haddock's source highlighting.

data Style