pandoc- Conversion between markup formats

MaintainerJohn MacFarlane <>
Safe HaskellNone



A prettyprinting library for the production of text documents, including wrapped text, indentated blocks, and tables.



data Doc Source


render :: (Monoid a, IsString a) => Maybe Int -> Doc -> aSource

Renders a Doc. render (Just n) will use a line length of n to reflow text on breakable spaces. render Nothing will not reflow text.

cr :: DocSource

A carriage return. Does nothing if we're at the beginning of a line; otherwise inserts a newline.

blankline :: DocSource

Inserts a blank line unless one exists already. (blankline blankline has the same effect as blankline. If you want multiple blank lines, use text \n\n.

space :: DocSource

A breaking (reflowable) space.

text :: String -> DocSource

A literal string.

char :: Char -> DocSource

A character.

prefixed :: String -> Doc -> DocSource

Uses the specified string as a prefix for every line of the inside document (except the first, if not at the beginning of the line).

flush :: Doc -> DocSource

Makes a Doc flush against the left margin.

nest :: Int -> Doc -> DocSource

Indents a Doc by the specified number of spaces.

hang :: Int -> Doc -> Doc -> DocSource

A hanging indent. hang ind start doc prints start, then doc, leaving an indent of ind spaces on every line but the first.

beforeNonBlank :: Doc -> DocSource

beforeNonBlank d conditionally includes d unless it is followed by blank space.

nowrap :: Doc -> DocSource

Makes a Doc non-reflowable.

offset :: Doc -> IntSource

Returns the width of a Doc.

height :: Doc -> IntSource

Returns the height of a block or other Doc.

lblock :: Int -> Doc -> DocSource

lblock n d is a block of width n characters, with text derived from d and aligned to the left.

cblock :: Int -> Doc -> DocSource

Like lblock but aligned centered.

rblock :: Int -> Doc -> DocSource

Like lblock but aligned to the right.

(<>) :: Monoid m => m -> m -> m

An infix synonym for mappend.

(<+>) :: Doc -> Doc -> DocSource

Concatenate a list of Docs, putting breakable spaces between them.

($$) :: Doc -> Doc -> DocSource

a $$ b puts a above b.

($+$) :: Doc -> Doc -> DocSource

a $$ b puts a above b, with a blank line between.

isEmpty :: Doc -> BoolSource

True if the document is empty.

empty :: DocSource

The empty document.

cat :: [Doc] -> DocSource

Concatenate a list of Docs.

hcat :: [Doc] -> DocSource

Same as cat.

hsep :: [Doc] -> DocSource

Same as cat, but putting breakable spaces between the Docs.

vcat :: [Doc] -> DocSource

List version of $$.

vsep :: [Doc] -> DocSource

List version of $+$.

chomp :: Doc -> DocSource

Chomps trailing blank space off of a Doc.

inside :: Doc -> Doc -> Doc -> DocSource

Encloses a Doc inside a start and end Doc.

braces :: Doc -> DocSource

Puts a Doc in curly braces.

brackets :: Doc -> DocSource

Puts a Doc in square brackets.

parens :: Doc -> DocSource

Puts a Doc in parentheses.

quotes :: Doc -> DocSource

Wraps a Doc in single quotes.

doubleQuotes :: Doc -> DocSource

Wraps a Doc in double quotes.

charWidth :: Char -> IntSource

Returns width of a character in a monospace font: 0 for a combining character, 1 for a regular character, 2 for an East Asian wide character.

realLength :: String -> IntSource

Get real length of string, taking into account combining and double-wide characters.