Changelog for parsec-3.1.11

3.1.11 - Include `` in package. 3.1.10 - Most types now have a `Typeable` instance. Some instances are dropped from older versions of GHC (sorry about that!). - The token-parser now rejects Unicode numeric escape sequences for characters outside the Unicode range. - The token-parser now loses less precision when parsing literal doubles. - Documentation fixes and corrections. - We no longer test parsec builds on GHC 7.4. 3.1.9 - Many and various updates to documentation and package description (inlcuding the homepage links). - Add an 'Eq' instance for 'ParseError' - Fixed a regression from 3.1.6: 'runP' is again exported from module Text.Parsec. 3.1.8 - Fix a regression from 3.1.6 related to exports from the main module. 3.1.7 - Fix a regression from 3.1.6 related to the reported position of error messages. See bug #9 for details. - Reset the current error position on success of 'lookAhead'. 3.1.6 - Export 'Text' instances from Text.Parsec - Make Text.Parsec exports more visible - Re-arrange Text.Parsec exports - Add functions 'crlf' and 'endOfLine' to Text.Parsec.Char for handling input streams that do not have normalized line terminators. - Fix off-by-one error in Token.charControl 3.1.4 & 3.1.5 - Bump dependency on 'text' 3.1.3 - Fix a regression introduced in 3.1.2 related to positions reported by error messages.