path-pieces-0.2.1: Components of paths.

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readFromPathPiece :: Read s => Text -> Maybe s Source

A function for helping generate free PathPiece instances for enumeration data types that have derived Read and Show instances. Intended to be used like this:

data MyData = Foo | Bar | Baz
  deriving (Read,Show)
instance PathPiece MyData where
  fromPathPiece = readFromPathPiece
  toPathPiece = showToPathPiece

Since 0.2.1.

showToPathPiece :: Show s => s -> Text Source

See the documentation for readFromPathPiece.

Since 0.2.1.


toSinglePiece :: PathPiece p => p -> Text Source

Deprecated: Use toPathPiece instead of toSinglePiece

toMultiPiece :: PathMultiPiece ps => ps -> [Text] Source

Deprecated: Use toPathMultiPiece instead of toMultiPiece

fromSinglePiece :: PathPiece p => Text -> Maybe p Source

Deprecated: Use fromPathPiece instead of fromSinglePiece

fromMultiPiece :: PathMultiPiece ps => [Text] -> Maybe ps Source

Deprecated: Use fromPathMultiPiece instead of fromMultiPiece