penny- Extensible double-entry accounting system

Safe HaskellNone



Like Queries but instead of querying the main posting of the PostFam, queries the siblings. Therefore, these functions return a list, with each entry in the list containing the best answer for each sibling. There is one item in the list for each sibling, even if all these items contain the same data (for instance, a posting might have five siblings, but all five siblings might have the same payee. Nonetheless the payee function will return a list of five items.)



bestSibs :: (PostingCore -> Maybe a) -> (TopLineCore -> Maybe a) -> Posting -> [Maybe a]Source

For all siblings, uses information from the Posting if it is set; otherwise, uses data from the TopLine.

sibs :: (Ent PostingData -> a) -> Posting -> [a]Source

For all siblings, get the information from the Posting if it exists; otherwise Nothing.