persistent- Type-safe, multi-backend data serialization.
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class PersistConfig c where Source #

Represents a value containing all the configuration options for a specific backend. This abstraction makes it easier to write code that can easily swap backends.

Minimal complete definition

loadConfig, createPoolConfig, runPool

Associated Types

type PersistConfigBackend c :: (* -> *) -> * -> * Source #

type PersistConfigPool c Source #


loadConfig :: Value -> Parser c Source #

Load the config settings from a Value, most likely taken from a YAML config file.

applyEnv :: c -> IO c Source #

Modify the config settings based on environment variables.

createPoolConfig :: c -> IO (PersistConfigPool c) Source #

Create a new connection pool based on the given config settings.

runPool :: MonadUnliftIO m => c -> PersistConfigBackend c m a -> PersistConfigPool c -> m a Source #

Run a database action by taking a connection from the pool.


Instances details
(PersistConfig c1, PersistConfig c2, PersistConfigPool c1 ~ PersistConfigPool c2, PersistConfigBackend c1 ~ PersistConfigBackend c2) => PersistConfig (Either c1 c2) Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Database.Persist.Class.PersistConfig

Associated Types

type PersistConfigBackend (Either c1 c2) :: (Type -> Type) -> Type -> Type Source #

type PersistConfigPool (Either c1 c2) Source #


loadConfig :: Value -> Parser (Either c1 c2) Source #

applyEnv :: Either c1 c2 -> IO (Either c1 c2) Source #

createPoolConfig :: Either c1 c2 -> IO (PersistConfigPool (Either c1 c2)) Source #

runPool :: MonadUnliftIO m => Either c1 c2 -> PersistConfigBackend (Either c1 c2) m a -> PersistConfigPool (Either c1 c2) -> m a Source #