pgp-wordlist- Translate between binary data and a human-readable collection of words.

Safe HaskellNone



Bimap between Word8 an an arbitrary (ordered) type. Values of type Word8Bimap have to be constructed carefully to contain values for all 256 Word8 values, or the API will not be safe to use.



data Word8Bimap a Source #

Bimap where one of the keys is (of the size of) a Word8.

unsafeConstruct :: Ord a => [(Word8, a)] -> Word8Bimap a Source #

Create a Word8Bimap from an association list.

The list must contain all Word8 in order to make the API operating on the result safe.

lookupL :: Word8Bimap a -> Word8 -> a Source #

Get the value corresponding to an index.

lookupR :: Ord a => Word8Bimap a -> a -> Maybe Word8 Source #

Get the index corresponding to a value, if present.