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data Dynamic where #

A value of type Dynamic is an object encapsulated together with its type.

A Dynamic may only represent a monomorphic value; an attempt to create a value of type Dynamic from a polymorphically-typed expression will result in an ambiguity error (see toDyn).

Showing a value of type Dynamic returns a pretty-printed representation of the object's type; useful for debugging.


Dynamic :: Dynamic 
Show Dynamic

Since: base-2.1

Instance details

Defined in Data.Dynamic

Exception Dynamic

Since: base-

Instance details

Defined in Data.Dynamic

toDyn :: Typeable a => a -> Dynamic #

Converts an arbitrary value into an object of type Dynamic.

The type of the object must be an instance of Typeable, which ensures that only monomorphically-typed objects may be converted to Dynamic. To convert a polymorphic object into Dynamic, give it a monomorphic type signature. For example:

   toDyn (id :: Int -> Int)

fromDynamic #


:: Typeable a 
=> Dynamic

the dynamically-typed object

-> Maybe a

returns: Just a, if the dynamically-typed object has the correct type (and a is its value), or Nothing otherwise.

Converts a Dynamic object back into an ordinary Haskell value of the correct type. See also fromDyn.