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type Getter s a = forall (f :: * -> *). (Contravariant f, Functor f) => (a -> f a) -> s -> f s #

A Getter describes how to retrieve a single value in a way that can be composed with other LensLike constructions.

Unlike a Lens a Getter is read-only. Since a Getter cannot be used to write back there are no Lens laws that can be applied to it. In fact, it is isomorphic to an arbitrary function from (s -> a).

Moreover, a Getter can be used directly as a Fold, since it just ignores the Applicative.

to :: (Profunctor p, Contravariant f) => (s -> a) -> Optic' p f s a #

Build an (index-preserving) Getter from an arbitrary Haskell function.

to f . to g ≡ to (g . f)
a ^. to f ≡ f a
>>> a ^.to f
f a
>>> ("hello","world")^.to snd
>>> 5^.to succ
>>> (0, -5)^ abs
to :: (s -> a) -> IndexPreservingGetter s a