Changelog for process-streaming- ------- - Removed ugly (Show e,Typeable) constraints on the error type from many functions. ------- - No changes to the external API, but some internal code has moved to a separate package, "conceit". ------- - Now compatible with earlier versions of transformers. - Simplified LinePolicy. - Simplified pipeline functions and datatypes. ------- - A bug slipped by :( ------- - Changes in the internals to reduce the number of spawned threads. ------- - Now the constructors for "PipingPolicy" take "Siphons" directly, instead of continuation functions. - Removed "separated" and "combined" functions, added new "PipingPolicy" constructors in their place. - Removed "LeftoverPolicy", its function is now performed by Siphons. - Removed "surely", "safely", "monoidally" functions with confusing signatures. - Removed all occurrences of unbounded buffers in the code. - Implemented support for branching pipelines of processes. ------- - Renamed many functions (the number-based naming schema is gone). - Decisions about how to consume the standard streams were moved to the new "PipingPolicy" type. - "ForkProd" is now "Siphon". - "execute" can now throw IOExceptions (but see "safeExecute"). - Some complicated types were hidden behind data declarations. - Functor, Bifunctor and Profunctor instances for some types. ------- - Added some examples. - Re-exported System.Process from System.Process.Streaming.