product-profunctors- product-profunctors

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genericAdaptor :: GAdaptable p a b c => a -> p b c Source #

Generic adaptor.

genericAdaptor :: ProductProfunctor p =>
                  Adaptor p (Foo (p a a') (p b b') (p c c'))
genericAdaptor :: ProductProfunctor p =>
                  Foo (p a a') (p b b') (p c c') -> p (Foo a b c) (Foo a' b' c')

type Adaptor p a = a -> p (Unzip Fst a) (Unzip Snd a) Source #

A type synonym to shorten the signature of an adaptor.

Adaptor p (Foo (p a a') (p b b') (p c c'))
Foo (p a a') (p b b') (p c c') -> p (Foo a b c) (Foo a' b' c')


type GAdaptable p a b c = (Generic a, Generic b, Generic c, GUnzip Fst (Rep a) ~ Rep b, GUnzip Snd (Rep a) ~ Rep c, GAdaptor p (Rep a)) Source #

A constraint synonym on generic types for which an adaptor can be defined generically.

data Select Source #

A flag denoting a type-level field accessor.



class Unzippable (a :: k) Source #

A type like

T = Foo (p a a') (p b b') (p c c')

can be unzipped to

Unzip 'Fst T = Foo a  b  c
Unzip 'Snd T = Foo a' b' c'

This defines the type family Unzip with versions of GHC older than 8.0.1. For 8.0.1 and newer versions, Unzip is an independent type family and Unzippable is just an empty class for backwards compatibility.

type family Unzip (z :: Select) (a :: k) :: k where ... Source #


Unzip z (f a) = Unzip' z f (Project z a) 
Unzip z a = a 

type family Unzip' (z :: Select) (a :: k) :: k where ... Source #

A hack to enable kind-polymorphic recursion.


Unzip' z a = Unzip z a 

class TypePair a Source #

A type p a b can be seen as a type-level pair '(a, b).

Associated Types

type Project (z :: Select) a Source #

This type synonym extracts a component, a or b, of that pair p a b.


TypePair * (p a b) Source # 

Associated Types

type Project (p a b) (z :: Select) (a :: p a b) :: * Source #

type family GUnzip (z :: Select) (f :: * -> *) :: * -> * Source #

Unzips the types of fields of a record.

            T = (M1 _ _ (K1 _ (p c1 c2))) :*: (M1 _ _ (K1 _ (p d1 d2)))
GUnzip 'Fst T = (M1 _ _ (K1 _    c1    )) :*: (M1 _ _ (K1 _    d1    ))
GUnzip 'Snd T = (M1 _ _ (K1 _       c2 )) :*: (M1 _ _ (K1 _       d2 ))


type GUnzip z (K1 * i c) Source # 
type GUnzip z (K1 * i c) = K1 * i (Project * z c)
type GUnzip z ((:*:) * f g) Source # 
type GUnzip z ((:*:) * f g) = (:*:) * (GUnzip z f) (GUnzip z g)
type GUnzip z (M1 * i c f) Source # 
type GUnzip z (M1 * i c f) = M1 * i c (GUnzip z f)

class Profunctor p => GAdaptor p f | f -> p where Source #

Adaptors over generic representations of types.

Minimal complete definition



gAdaptor :: f a -> p (GUnzip Fst f a) (GUnzip Snd f a) Source #


Profunctor p => GAdaptor p (K1 * i (p a b)) Source # 


gAdaptor :: K1 * i (p a b) a -> p (GUnzip Fst (K1 * i (p a b)) a) (GUnzip Snd (K1 * i (p a b)) a) Source #

(ProductProfunctor p, GAdaptor p f, GAdaptor p g) => GAdaptor p ((:*:) * f g) Source # 


gAdaptor :: (* :*: f) g a -> p (GUnzip Fst ((* :*: f) g) a) (GUnzip Snd ((* :*: f) g) a) Source #

GAdaptor p f => GAdaptor p (M1 * i c f) Source # 


gAdaptor :: M1 * i c f a -> p (GUnzip Fst (M1 * i c f) a) (GUnzip Snd (M1 * i c f) a) Source #