propellor-1.2.0: property-based host configuration management in haskell

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data PrivDataField Source

Note that removing or changing field names will break the serialized privdata files, so don't do that! It's fine to add new fields.

newtype Context Source

A context in which a PrivDataField is used.

Often this will be a domain name. For example, Context "" could be used for the SSL cert for the web server serving that domain. Multiple hosts might use that privdata.

This appears in serlialized privdata files.


Context String 

newtype HostContext Source

A context that varies depending on the HostName where it's used.



class IsContext c where Source

Class of things that can be used as a Context.

anyContext :: Context Source

Use when a PrivDataField is not dependent on any paricular context.

hostContext :: HostContext Source

Makes a HostContext that consists just of the hostname.