Changelog for protobuf- - Fix #36: Compile on GHC >= 8.0 - Fix #26: Import orphan Foldable Last instance from base-orphans - Fix #27: Fix failure when decoding empty [packed] fields - Fix #17: Repeated n (Enumeration a) difficulty - Fix #13: Getting the error "Always is not a Monoid - Fix #11: Missing optional enum in incoming message causes decodeMessage to fail - Export {get,put}Varint* from Data.ProtocolBuffers.Internal - Dropped ghc-prim dependency, what we need is now exported from base - Added this CHANGELOG 0.2.0: - Transitioned to the compiler supported GHC.TypeLits, requiring GHC 7.8+ - Stopped building the protoc-gen-hs plugin, which is not functional - Migrated tests from test-framework to tasty 0.1.3: - Decoding performance has been improved for Repeated fields - A Foldable instance for Last has been added to Data.ProtocolBuffers.Orphans 0.1.2: - Enumerations can now be encoded 0.1.1: - Support empty messages, messages with no fields - Packed field support has been improved