protocol-buffers-0.3.1: Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications



This module add unknown field supprt to the library

This should support 1) Storing unknown bytestrings in messages a) Mergeable b) Default c) Show 2) loading the unknown bytestrings into a (Map FieldId) from wire a) If wiretypes differ this is an error so report it b) Take extra care to ensure a _copy_ of the input is kept (?) 3) save unknown bytestring back to the wire 4) API ? a) Provide ability to wireGet the data as a real type b) clear the data c) has any unkown data ? 5) Extend reflection to indicate presence of support for unkown data 6) Extend Options and command line to flag this 7) Extend hprotoc to add in this field



wireSizeUnknownField :: UnknownField -> WireSizeSource

This is used by the generated code

wirePutUnknownField :: UnknownField -> PutSource

This is used by the generated code