pulseaudio- A low-level (incomplete) wrapper around the pulseaudio client asynchronous api

Safe HaskellSafe



Maintianer : ongy Stability : experimental

  • - Portability : Linux (Not quite sure if headers are specific, might be POSIX)

Pulseaudio uses struct timeval for time. Since the time package on hackage does not export the internal functions, this module exports a type and functions for that type.



data PATime Source #

The time used by the library level api

getTime :: IO PATime Source #

Get the current system time in real time (wallclock)

addSeconds :: Integral a => a -> PATime -> PATime Source #

Add seconds to a PATime

addNSeconds :: Integral a => a -> PATime -> PATime Source #

Add nanoseconds to a PATime

addTimes :: PATime -> PATime -> PATime Source #

Add two PATimes together

getDiff :: PATime -> PATime -> PATime Source #

Get the difference between to times.

timeToUS :: PATime -> Word Source #

Convert a PATime to Microseconds

timeFromUS :: Word -> PATime Source #

Convert from Microseconds to PATime

dummyTime :: PATime Source #

A dummy time value, do not use to calculate, only if guaranteed to be ignored