pulseaudio- A low-level (incomplete) wrapper around the pulseaudio client asynchronous api

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Maintianer : ongy Stability : experimental



data Operation Source #

High-level operation type, this should be the return type for exported |functions

data UOperation Source #

Unsafe Operation. Should be return value of foreign import calls

ptrToOperation :: Ptr UOperation -> IO Operation Source #

Convert a Unsafe Operation to a safe one. This should be called by wrappers |to FFI imports. |Also call this when not returning the value, since it registers the unref |function for the operation.

operationCancel :: Operation -> IO () Source #

Cancel an operation. The server may still do it, but the client will not be |notified

operationGetState :: Operation -> IO OperationState Source #

Get the State of the operation

operationSetCallback :: Operation -> IO () -> IO () Source #

This currently leaks the function, after the operation went out of scope |I'm not quite sure when this will be called either way.