purescript-0.13.0: PureScript Programming Language Compiler

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data BuildPlan Source #

The BuildPlan tracks information about our build progress, and holds all prebuilt modules for incremental builds.

construct :: forall m. (Monad m, MonadBaseControl IO m) => MakeActions m -> ([PartialResult Module], [(ModuleName, [ModuleName])]) -> m BuildPlan Source #

Constructs a BuildPlan for the given module graph.

The given MakeActions are used to collect various timestamps in order to determine whether a module needs rebuilding.

getResult :: MonadBaseControl IO m => BuildPlan -> ModuleName -> m (Maybe (MultipleErrors, ExternsFile)) Source #

Gets the the build result for a given module name independent of whether it was rebuilt or prebuilt. Prebuilt modules always return no warnings.

collectErrors :: MonadBaseControl IO m => BuildPlan -> m [MultipleErrors] Source #

Collects errors for all modules that have been rebuilt. This will block until all outstanding build jobs are finished.

collectResults :: MonadBaseControl IO m => BuildPlan -> m (Map ModuleName ExternsFile) Source #

Collects ExternsFiles for all prebuilt as well as rebuilt modules. Panics if any build job returned an error.

markComplete :: MonadBaseControl IO m => BuildPlan -> ModuleName -> Maybe (MultipleErrors, ExternsFile) -> Maybe MultipleErrors -> m () Source #

Called when we finished compiling a module and want to report back the compilation result, as well as any potential errors that were thrown.

needsRebuild :: BuildPlan -> ModuleName -> Bool Source #

Whether or not the module with the given ModuleName needs to be rebuilt