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Functions, with constant functions optimized, with instances for many standard classes.
data Fun t a
fun :: (t -> a) -> Fun t a
apply :: Fun t a -> t -> a
batch :: TestBatch
data Fun t a Source
Constant-optimized functions
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Arrow Fun
Category Fun
Monad (Fun t)
Functor (Fun t)
Applicative (Fun t)
Zip (Fun t)
Monoid t => Comonad (Fun t)
Pointed (Fun t)
Monoid t => Copointed (Fun t)
Model1 (Fun a) ((->) a)
Show b => Show (Fun a b)
(CoArbitrary a, Arbitrary b) => Arbitrary (Fun a b)
(Arbitrary a, CoArbitrary b) => CoArbitrary (Fun a b)
Monoid a => Monoid (Fun t a)
(Show a, Arbitrary a, EqProp a, EqProp b) => EqProp (Fun a b)
Model (Fun a b) (a -> b)
(Applicative (:. (ReactiveG tr) (Fun tf)), Monoid a) => Monoid (:. (ReactiveG tr) (Fun tf) a)
fun :: (t -> a) -> Fun t aSource
apply :: Fun t a -> t -> aSource
Fun as a function
batch :: TestBatchSource
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