reactive-0.11.2: Push-pull functional reactive programmingSource codeContentsIndex
Write-once variables.
data IVar a
newIVar :: IO (IVar a)
readIVar :: IVar a -> a
tryReadIVar :: IVar a -> IO (Maybe a)
writeIVar :: IVar a -> a -> IO ()
data IVar a Source
newIVar :: IO (IVar a)Source
readIVar :: IVar a -> aSource
Returns the value in the IVar. The *value* will block until the variable becomes filled.
tryReadIVar :: IVar a -> IO (Maybe a)Source
Returns Nothing if the IVar has no value yet, otherwise returns the value.
writeIVar :: IVar a -> a -> IO ()Source
Puts the value of the IVar. If it already has a value, block forever.
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