reactive-banana- Library for functional reactive programming (FRP).

Safe HaskellNone




Utility for executing monadic actions once and then retrieving values from a cache.

Very useful for observable sharing.

data Cached m a Source

runCached :: Cached m a -> m a Source

cache :: (MonadFix m, MonadIO m) => m a -> Cached m a Source

An action whose result will be cached. Executing the action the first time in the monad will execute the side effects. From then on, only the generated value will be returned.

fromPure :: Monad m => a -> Cached m a Source

Return a pure value. Doesn't make use of the cache.

don'tCache :: Monad m => m a -> Cached m a Source

Lift an action that is not cached, for instance because it is idempotent.

liftCached1 :: (MonadFix m, MonadIO m) => (a -> m b) -> Cached m a -> Cached m b Source

liftCached2 :: (MonadFix m, MonadIO m) => (a -> b -> m c) -> Cached m a -> Cached m b -> Cached m c Source