regex- Toolkit for regex-base

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The regex Internal Modules

This module contains just what the test suite (re-tests) in regex-examples needs from the package internals to do its job and the ZeInternals types and functions needed by the regex-with-pcre package


addCaptureNames :: Typeable a => CaptureNames -> a -> a Source #

a hairy dynamically-typed function used with the legacy (=~) and (=~~) to see if it can/should add the capture names extracted from the RE into the polymorphic result of the operator (it does for any Match or Matches type, provided it is parameterised over a recognised type). The test suite is all over this one, testing all of these cases.

addCaptureNamesToMatches :: CaptureNames -> Matches a -> Matches a Source #

a convenience function used by the API modules to insert capture names extracted from the parsed RE into the (*=~) result

addCaptureNamesToMatch :: CaptureNames -> Match a -> Match a Source #

a convenience function used by the API modules to insert capture names extracted from the parsed RE into the (?=~) result


escapeREString :: String -> String Source #

Convert a string into a regular expression that will match that string


cp :: QuasiQuoter Source #

quasi quoter for CaptureID: [cp|0|], [cp|0|], etc., indexing captures by classic positional numbers, and [cp|foo|], etc., referencing a named capture [re| ... ${foo}( ... ) ... |].

extractNamedCaptures :: String -> Either String ((Int, CaptureNames), String) Source #

extract the CaptureNames from an RE or return an error diagnostic if the RE is not well formed; also returs the total number of captures in the RE

idFormatTokenREOptions :: FormatTokenREOptions Source #

a configuration that will preserve the parsed regular expression in the output

data Token Source #

our RE scanner returns a list of these tokens


validToken :: Token -> Bool Source #

check that a token is well formed

formatTokens :: [Token] -> String Source #

format [Token] into an RE string

formatTokens' :: FormatTokenREOptions -> [Token] -> String Source #

the general Token formatter, generating REs according to the options

scan :: String -> [Token] Source #

scan a RE string into a list of RE Token


expandMacros :: (r -> String) -> Macros r -> String -> String Source #

expand all of the @{..} macros in the RE in the argument String according to the Macros argument, preprocessing the RE String according to the Mode argument (used internally)


data PreludeMacro Source #

an enumeration of all of the prelude macros

preludeMacros :: (Monad m, Functor m) => (String -> m r) -> RegexType -> WithCaptures -> m (Macros r) Source #

generate the standard prelude Macros used to parse REs

preludeMacroTable :: RegexType -> String Source #

format the standard prelude macros in a markdown table

preludeMacroSummary :: RegexType -> PreludeMacro -> String Source #

generate a textual summary of the prelude macros

preludeMacroSources :: RegexType -> String Source #

generate a plain text table giving the RE for each macro with all macros expanded (to NF)

preludeMacroSource :: RegexType -> PreludeMacro -> String Source #

generate plain text giving theexpanded RE for a single macro

preludeMacroEnv :: RegexType -> MacroEnv Source #

generate the MacroEnv for the standard prelude macros


unsafeCompileSearchReplace_ :: (String -> s) -> (String -> Either String re) -> String -> SearchReplace re s Source #

warapper on compileSearchReplace_ that will generate an error if any compilation errors are found

compileSearchReplace_ :: (Monad m, Functor m) => (String -> s) -> (String -> Either String re) -> String -> m (SearchReplace re s) Source #

compile a SearchReplace template generating errors if the RE or the template are not well formed -- all capture references being checked

compileSearchAndReplace_ :: (Monad m, Functor m) => (String -> s) -> (String -> Either String re) -> String -> String -> m (SearchReplace re s) Source #

compile SearcgReplace from two strings containing the RE and the replacement template


data QQFailure Source #

used to throw an exception reporting an abuse of a quasi quoter




qq0 :: String -> QuasiQuoter Source #

a quasi quoter that can be used in no context (to be extended with the appropriate quasi quoter parser)


mkTDFA :: TestBenchMatcher -> RegexType Source #

mkPCRE :: TestBenchMatcher -> RegexType Source #