relude- Safe, performant, user-friendly and lightweight Haskell Standard Library
Copyright(c) 2016 Stephen Diehl
(c) 2016-2018 Serokell
(c) 2018-2020 Kowainik
MaintainerKowainik <>
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relude is a safe, performant, user-friendly and lightweight Haskell standard library.

Relude is the main module that reexports all functionality provided by the library that will replace the default Prelude in your project.


To start using relude in your project, you can set the library up for you by one of the following ways.


One of the most convenient ways to use relude is via the mixins feature. This feature is available since Cabal >= 2.2. In order to use the mixins feature one needs to specify supported cabal-version in your package description. And then the following lines should be added to the required stanza to replace default Prelude with relude.

cabal-version: 2.4
  mixins: base hiding (Prelude)
        , relude (Relude as Prelude)


Alternatively, you can replace base package in your dependencies with base-noprelude and add the following Prelude module to your package to use relude by default in every module instead of base Prelude:

module Prelude
    ( module Relude
    ) where

import Relude


If you want to use relude per-module basis then just add next lines to your module to replace default Prelude:

{-# LANGUAGE NoImplicitPrelude #-}

import Relude


This documentation section contains the description of internal module structure to help navigate between modules, search for interesting functionalities and understand where you need to put your new changes (if you're a contributor).

Functions and types are distributed across multiple modules and grouped by meaning or category. Name of the module should give you hints regarding what this module contains. Some categories contain a significant amount of both reexported functions and functions of our own. To make it easier to understand these enormous chunks of functions, all reexported stuff is moved into the separate module with name Relude.SomeCategory.Reexport and our own functions and types are in Relude.SomeCategory.SomeName. For example, see modules Relude.Foldable.Fold and Relude.Foldable.Reexport.


Default Modules

Relude.Applicative contains reexports from Control.Applicative and some general-purpose applicative combinators.

Relude.Base contains different general types and type classes from base package (Char, Eq, Generic, etc.) not exported by other modules.

Relude.Bool contains Bool data type with different predicates and combinators.

Relude.Container provides One typeclass for creating data structures from singleton element and reexports of types from packages containers and unordered-containers.

Relude.Debug contains trace-like debugging functions with compile-time warnings (so you don't forget to remove them).

Relude.DeepSeq has reexports from Control.DeepSeq module and functions to evaluate expressions to weak-head normal form or normal form.

Relude.Exception contains reexports from Control.Exception, introduces bug function as better error and Exc pattern synonym for convenient pattern-matching on exceptions.

Relude.File implements functions to work with file content as Text or ByteString.

Relude.Foldable reexports functions for Foldable and Traversable and provide own better alternatives to some existing functions.

Relude.Function contains almost everything from the Data.Function module.

Relude.Functor contains reexports from Data.Functor, Data.Bifunctor, other useful Functor combinators.

Relude.Lifted implements lifted to MonadIO functions to work with console, files, IORefs, MVars, etc.

Relude.List provides big chunk of Data.List, NonEmpty type and functions for this type (head, tail, last, init).

Relude.Monad contains functions and data types from Data.Maybe and Data.Either modules, monad transformers and other various combinators.

Relude.Monoid reexports various types and functions from Data.Monoid and Data.Semigroup.

module Relude.Nub

Relude.Nub implements better versions of nub function for list.

Relude.Numeric contains functions and types to work with numerical data.

Relude.Print contains printing to terminal functions for Text and ByteString.

Relude.String contains reexports from text and bytestring packages with conversion functions between different textual types.

Extra Modules

The following modules are not exported by default, but you can easily bring them to every module in your package by modifying your Prelude file:

Relude.Extra Reexports every Relude.Extra.* module
Relude.Extra.Bifunctor Additional combinators for Bifunctor.
Relude.Extra.CallStack Useful functions to extract information from CallStack.
Relude.Extra.Enum Extra utilities for types that implement Bounded and Enum constraints.
Relude.Extra.Foldable Extra folds for instances of the Foldable typeclass. Currently, just a short-circuitable left fold.
Relude.Extra.Foldable1 Foldable1 typeclass like Foldable but for non-empty structures.
Relude.Extra.Group Grouping functions, polymorphic on return Map type.
Relude.Extra.Lens Minimal implementation of lens package required for basic usage.
Relude.Extra.Map Typeclass for Map-like data structures.
Relude.Extra.Newtype Generic functions that automatically work for any newtype.
Relude.Extra.Tuple Functions for working with tuples.
Relude.Extra.Type Functions for inspecting and working with types.
Relude.Extra.Validation Validation data type. ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Relude.Extra.Validation is deprecated in favour of validation-selective:
Relude.Unsafe Unsafe partial functions (produce error) for lists and Maybe.