repa- High performance, regular, shape polymorphic parallel arrays.

Safe HaskellNone




data C Source

Cursored Arrays. These are produced by Repa's stencil functions, and help the fusion framework to share index compuations between array elements.

The basic idea is described in ``Efficient Parallel Stencil Convolution'', Ben Lippmeier and Gabriele Keller, Haskell 2011 -- though the underlying array representation has changed since this paper was published.


Source C a

Compute elements of a cursored array.

(Source C e, Shape DIM2, Elt e) => LoadRange C DIM2 e

Compute a range of elements in a rank-2 array.

(Source C e, Shape DIM2, Elt e) => Load C DIM2 e

Compute all elements in an rank-2 array.

Structured C a b 



:: sh 
-> (sh -> cursor)

Create a cursor for an index.

-> (sh -> cursor -> cursor)

Shift a cursor by an offset.

-> (cursor -> e)

Compute the element at the cursor.

-> Array C sh e 

Define a new cursored array.