rib- Static site generator using Shake

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Combinators for working with Shake.

The functions in this module work with ribInputDir and ribOutputDir.

See the source of buildAction for example usage.


Basic helpers

buildHtmlMulti Source #


:: (FilePattern, ReaderOptions -> Text -> PandocIO Pandoc)

Source file patterns & their associated Pandoc readers

-> ((FilePath, Pandoc) -> Html ())

How to render the given Pandoc document to HTML

-> Action [(FilePath, Pandoc)]

List of relative path to generated HTML and the associated Pandoc document

Convert the given pattern of source files into their HTML.

buildHtml :: FilePath -> Html () -> Action () Source #

Build a single HTML file with the given value

Read helpers

readPandoc Source #


:: (ReaderOptions -> Text -> PandocIO Pandoc)

Document format. Example: readMarkdown

-> FilePath 
-> Action Pandoc 

Read and parse a Pandoc source document

If an associated metadata file exists (same filename, with .yaml as extension), use it to specify the metadata of the document.

readPandocMulti Source #


:: (FilePattern, ReaderOptions -> Text -> PandocIO Pandoc)

Tuple of pattern of files to work on and document format.

-> Action [(FilePath, Pandoc)] 

Like readPandoc but operates on multiple files


buildStaticFiles :: [FilePattern] -> Action [FilePath] Source #

Shake action to copy static files as is