rib- Static site generator using Shake
Safe HaskellNone



Combinators for working with Shake.


Basic helpers

buildStaticFiles :: [Path Rel File] -> Action () Source #

Shake action to copy static files as is.

forEvery Source #


:: [Path Rel File]

Source file patterns (relative to ribInputDir)

-> (Path Rel File -> Action a) 
-> Action [a] 

Run the given action when any file matching the patterns changes

Writing only

writeFileCached :: Path Rel File -> String -> Action () Source #

Write the given file but only when it has been modified.

Also, always writes under ribOutputDir


ribInputDir :: Action (Path Rel Dir) Source #

Input directory containing source files

This is same as the first argument to run

ribOutputDir :: Action (Path Rel Dir) Source #

Output directory where files are generated

This is same as the second argument to run