Changelog for safe-0.3.13

Changelog for Safe 0.3.13 #20, require GHC 7.4 or above 0.3.12 #19, add Safe.Partial exposing a Partial typeclass #19, add support for GHC call stacks 0.3.11 #16, add Safe succ and pred #16, add readEitherSafe for better errors than readEither #14, add Safe zip3Exact 0.3.10 #15, add Safe cycle 0.3.9 #9, add Safe toEnum 0.3.8 #8, remove unnecessary Ord constraints from Foldable functions 0.3.7 Add Def variants of the Exact functions 0.3.6 #6, remove unnecessary Ord constraints from maximumBy/minimumBy 0.3.5 Add Safe elemIndexJust/findIndexJust functions Add Safe scan functions Add Safe minimumBy/maximumBy functions Add a module of Exact functions Add Foldable minimum functions Clean up the Foldable module, deprecate the Safe variants 0.3.4 #1, improve the string clipping in readNote 0.3.3 #494, add foldl1' wrappings 0.3.2 Add a Safe.Foldable module 0.3.1 Add findJust, safe wrapping of fromJust/find 0.3 Start of changelog