salvia-1.0.0: Modular web application framework.




data Context p Source

A generic handler context that contains all the information needed by the request handlers to perform their task and to set up a proper response. All the fields in the context are accessible using the first class labels defined below.


cServerHost :: Context p :-> StringSource

The server hostname.

cAdminMail :: Context p :-> StringSource

The mail address of the server adminstrator.

cListenOn :: Context p :-> [SockAddr]Source

The socket address(es) the server is listening on.

cPayload :: Context p :-> pSource

Connection wide payload.

cRequest :: Context p :-> Http RequestSource

The HTTP request header.

cResponse :: Context p :-> Http ResponseSource

The HTTP response header.

cRawRequest :: Context p :-> Http RequestSource

The unaltered HTTP request header as received from a client.

cRawResponse :: Context p :-> Http ResponseSource

The plain HTTP response header unaffected by local rewriting.

cSocket :: Context p :-> SocketSource

Raw socket for connection to the peer.

cHandle :: Context p :-> HandleSource

File descriptor associated with socket for the connection to the peer.

cClientAddr :: Context p :-> SockAddrSource

Client address.

cServerAddr :: Context p :-> SockAddrSource

Server address.

cQueue :: Context p :-> SendQueueSource

The queue of send actions.