selda-postgresql- PostgreSQL backend for the Selda database EDSL.

Safe HaskellNone



PostgreSQL backend for Selda.



data PGConnectInfo Source #

PostgreSQL connection information.




withPostgreSQL :: (MonadIO m, MonadThrow m, MonadMask m) => PGConnectInfo -> SeldaT m a -> m a Source #

Perform the given computation over a PostgreSQL database. The database connection is guaranteed to be closed when the computation terminates.

on :: Text -> Text -> PGConnectInfo infixl 7 Source #

Connect to the given database on the given host, on the default PostgreSQL port (5432):

withPostgreSQL ("my_db" `on` "") $ do

auth :: PGConnectInfo -> (Text, Text) -> PGConnectInfo infixl 4 Source #

Add the given username and password to the given connection information:

withPostgreSQL ("my_db" `on` "" `auth` ("user", "pass")) $ do

For more precise control over the connection options, you should modify the PGConnectInfo directly.

pgOpen :: (MonadIO m, MonadMask m) => PGConnectInfo -> m SeldaConnection Source #

Open a new PostgreSQL connection. The connection will persist across calls to runSeldaT, and must be explicitly closed using seldaClose when no longer needed.

seldaClose :: MonadIO m => SeldaConnection -> m () #

Close a reusable Selda connection. Closing a connection while in use is undefined. Passing a closed connection to runSeldaT results in a SeldaError being thrown. Closing a connection more than once is a no-op.