servant-server-0.12: A family of combinators for defining webservices APIs and serving them

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This module defines server-side handlers that lets you serve static files.

The most common needs for a web application are covered by serveDirectoryWebApp, but the other variants allow you to use different StaticSettings and serveDirectoryWith even allows you to specify arbitrary StaticSettings to be used for serving static files.



serveDirectoryWebApp :: FilePath -> Server Raw Source #

Serve anything under the specified directory as a Raw endpoint.

type MyApi = "static" :> Raw

server :: Server MyApi
server = serveDirectoryWebApp "/var/www"

would capture any request to /static/<something> and look for <something> under /var/www.

It will do its best to guess the MIME type for that file, based on the extension, and send an appropriate Content-Type header if possible.

If your goal is to serve HTML, CSS and Javascript files that use the rest of the API as a webapp backend, you will most likely not want the static files to be hidden behind a /static/ prefix. In that case, remember to put the serveDirectoryWebApp handler in the last position, because servant will try to match the handlers in order.

Corresponds to the defaultWebAppSettings StaticSettings value.

serveDirectoryWith :: StaticSettings -> Server Raw Source #

Alias for staticApp. Lets you serve a directory with arbitrary StaticSettings. Useful when you want particular settings not covered by the four other variants. This is the most flexible method.


serveDirectory :: FilePath -> Server Raw Source #

Deprecated: Use serveDirectoryFileServer instead

Same as serveDirectoryFileServer. It used to be the only file serving function in servant pre-0.10 and will be kept around for a few versions, but is deprecated.